Rules & Regulations


The college gives utmost priority to discipline & every student is bound to follow the rules and regulations of the college and maintain strict discipline

  • The students have to wear the prescribed CJC uniform and any modification to the uniform is not allowed.
  • Students are not permitted to take Motor Cycle or Scooty etc., to the College.
  • Students are not permitted to posses or use mobile phones inside the College Campus.
  • Consumption of Ghutkha & Smoking are strictly prohibited inside the college campus, otherwise a fine of Rs.500 will be imported.
  • Students shall be clean and decorous in dress, language and behavious. Students hair must be neat and of normal colour & cut.
  • A minimum attendance of 85% is compulsory. The students with less than the required percentage will not be allowed to sit in the final exam.
  • The parents of a student who fails to attend the college for three consecutive days need to come & justify the reason of the absence.
  • Students must keep their Identity Cards (Issued by the authority) during college hours.
  • Any damage of the College property by any student will have to be adequately replaced or compensated for.